Best IoT practices for Arm Cortex CPU energy efficient implementation flows on Arm Artisan 22nm platforms

Meet the Experts Theater Tuesday, July 09
12:05pm to 12:35pm

There is no doubt that IoT SoC designers like to see the continuous push for higher and higher performance. However, in IoT market, energy efficiency is as important as ever and, in many cases, is even more important than the area of the design. Many IoT SoC designers now have no choice but to consider power consumption as their top design priority. Arm® Cortex® CPU cores bring power-consumption advantages to address the markets’ need where a wide range of applications, including IoT applications demand the low-power benefit. Utilizing Arm® Artisan® physical IP optimized for the TSMC 22nm technology and the low power implementation flow from EDA companies, Arm POPTM IP is developed with a focus on energy efficient implementation which help designers achieve their low-power targets.

This presentation will demonstrate how Arm Cortex POP IP on TSMC’s new 22nm technology and low power implementation flows work together to optimize power and area while still meeting performance requirements typical of IoT. You will have the opportunity to see the Cortex-M CPU implementation results using Arm POP IP and learn about implementation best practices to optimize the timing and power results of Artisan physical IP. The low-power features that benefit the implementation results and IoT SoC designs will also be highlighted.

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